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The next generation of travel technology

Managing a travel business can be time-consuming and complex. That’s why we build IC-centric travel technology which is designed to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your travel booking, customer service and business management procedures.

Backed by CTM’s innovative technology and national tech hub, MTravel’s proprietary technology facilitates excellence in customer service on both the client and independent contractor level through risk and safety information, seamless booking, traveler tracking and travel management platforms and customizable tools to manage groups and corporate accounts.

Whether you’re a small agency, corporate agent or a busy travel entrepreneur, we have developed a suite of tools and services to help you manage your travel business.

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Agent Connex

Agent Connex

Agent Connex is MTravel’s proprietary back office agent portal.

Through Agent Connex, Independent Contractors have access to resources and training information, booking information and analytic business reports. Complete with an array of agent tools, group travel information, and the ability to customize your white-label consumer site, Agent Connex is a one-stop-shop for business management and resources through MTravel.

Your Own Website

Your Own Consumer Site

Ensuring your customers can find you online is one of the most important marketing opportunities of today. Showcasing your product, brand and contact details is next. Included in your host agency annual fee, MTravel provides IC with a customizable lead generation site we refer to as your own ‘Consumer Site’.

Customize our white-label consumer site to fit your business, generate leads through preferred supplier special offers and collect e-subscribers for further marketing opportunities

Travel Readiness & GeoRisk Hub

GeoRisk Hub

The future of travel hinges on our ability to comfort clients through up-to-date risk information, travel restriction and policy details, and overall health and wellness information for their trips. GeoRisk Hub does that for you.

As risk and safety will be top of mind for most travelers, understanding and being able to share in-depth, real-time travel advice, will speak volumes to any client.

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MTravel technology backed by CTM

As a division of CTM, MTravel Hosting Services has access to industry leading global technology that has been designed for independent contractors. Our IC-centric model combines the nuances of independent travel ownership and the efficiency and profitability of proprietary booking and travel management tools.

The enhanced technology is beta-tested and customized through MTravel’s Ambassador Program and technology committees made up of a diverse group of MTravel representative ICs.

There is no denying the opportunity and business necessity of efficient and effective technology. Discover what MTravel can offer and request a demo today.


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