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Independent corporate travel management

At MTravel, we provide the tools and support for corporate travel advisors and account managers to make travel bookings fast, effective and reliable for their corporate accounts.

Whether you arrange all corporate travel yourself or utilize a corporate travel management software tool, we know that managing the details, nuances and traveler risk and safety can be complex and time-consuming. That’s why our solutions take the innovative and future-proofed technology of big corporate agencies and have re-designed it specifically to meet IC needs.

Enhance your business travel and corporate offering through the booking power, traveler tracking and risk advice technology and proprietary corporate management tools from MTravel.

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The technology and support to take you places

At MTravel Hosting Services, we put the latest travel technology in the hands of independent corporate advisors to enable fast, efficient and reliable travel bookings and corporate account management services.

We understand that business travel can be complicated and unpredictable, often requesting round-the-clock access to travel assistance and most importantly in today’s day and age, requires a hefty amount of risk mitigation, safety protocols and traveler tracking to reduce corporate liability and to guide you through complex itineraries and emergency booking support.

Through MTravel’s unique blend of technology and service, you’ll have the tools, resources and technology you need to compete with some of the most significate corporate players in the industry.

Increased efficiency and compliance

MTravel has developed a unique set of proprietary tools to help you book, manage and track corporate accounts. Our proprietary corporate portal can be used in conjunction with or in lieu of most popular third-party corporate travel management platforms, with the added benefit of risk and safety features, pre-trip approval and travel policy implementation tools. All with the added bonus of including MTravel exclusive fares, discounts and specialty commission formats.

With MTravel’s unique corporate booking portal, you and your clients will enjoy:

  • Single sign-on access to all your corporate tools in one place.
  • Specialty features including pre-trip approval,  fare forecasting technology and corporate client access to an online booking tool.
  • Integrated travel technology to helps you manage the research, approval and booking process of your accounts.
  • The ability to book flights, hotels and car rentals in a single transaction, saving time and effort.
  • Stored traveler profile information to enable quick and consistent access to traveler preferences and loyalty programs.
  • Integrated corporate policy configuration maximizing compliance and budget control.
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Corporate Program Highlights – For Your Accounts

  • Significant airline contracts & exclusive commissions for savings and profit.
  • Credit card reconciliation
  • Mobile access
  • Specialty hotel and car corporate rates
  • Automated quality control software
  • Online self-booking technology
  • Management reports
  • Expense reporting technology
  • Unused ticket management
  • Corporate travel policy development
  • Benchmarking tool to analyze and interpret an account’s overall performance vs. companies similar in size/industry
  • Travel analytics
  • Destination reports
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Highlights – For the Agent

  • Corporate agent networking and introductions to help you manage back up when you are unavailable (vacation, sick, etc.) or if have an account that’s too large for you to handle yourself
  • Assistance with account presentations, business coaching and explanations about the products/services available to you
  • White-label marketing materials to assist in closing new accounts
  • Access to third party corporate travel management software for accounts who are already situated
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Compete with significant industry players through technology

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Tools for you, your travelers and your corporate stakeholders

We understand that corporate travel never sleeps. That’s why we have designed intuitive, integrated and easy to use travel tools to maximize efficiency and control for your corporate accounts.

For you

Traveler tracking, account tracking and the ability to provide the following:

For travel managers

Tools to empower Travel Managers to take greater control of their travel budget, maximize the safety of their travelers, and improve the efficiency of their team.

For travel arrangers

Whether you arrange travel for yourself or on behalf of others, technology that helps find the right deals on the right products at the right time, always meeting budget and policy requirements.

For business travelers

Make business trips more productive, safe and enjoyable than ever before through mobile booking and trip management capabilities, designed for the end-user and delivering greater speed, choice and control over the travel experience.

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